The Marinos

God cultivated and increased the Marinos’ heart for ministry while they attended Palmetto Baptist Church. John and Kristin are thrilled to have PBC as their sending church as they fulfill the mission of the church of making disciples and, by extension, planting churches.

Since arriving in Orrville, the Marinos have had numerous opportunities to engage the community with the gospel. They disciple through weekly Bible studies with church members, community college students, and many other contacts. John is on a rotation to minister at the local hospital, they are involved with the local children’s home, and they also intentionally reach out to new homeowners in the area. The Marinos have reached out through radio and plan on conducting television ads in the near future. As a church, Cross View’s purpose is to glorify God by exalting Christ and magnifying the gospel for the joy of all nations. It is the Marinos’ desire to see people place their trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and to grow in their walk with Him as a result of this church plant.

They ask for prayer specifically for wisdom as John preaches God’s Word and as they point people to the Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray for souls to come to Christ as they minister in an environment that has embraced a brand of cultural Christianity which has no apparent knowledge of the gospel. Pray for God to be glorified.

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The Straubs

Ben and Amy Straub have ministered in Kitwe, Zambia, since 2012. They have three sons: Simon, Isaac, and Casper. Ben serves as the Dean of Bible at Central Africa Baptist College, which exists to train leaders for the church in Africa. He also teaches theology and Biblical Greek and leads a student mentorship team which helps students learn how to serve in the local church. Amy homeschools their boys and looks for opportunities to reach out to the neighbors in their community. Amy and Ben also serve together as members in their local church in a number of different ministries such as children’s class and young adults. Ben also has opportunities to preach occasionally. In the future it is likely that Ben will be traveling more as CABC seeks to establish block class programs with strategic networks of CABC grads and church partners in several neighboring African nations. They would very much appreciate your prayers as they seek to raise their boys to love and serve Christ and as Ben seeks to invest in men and women who will someday become leaders who will spread the church across Africa.

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The Sperrs

David and Darlene Sperr know that the Lord commanded His people to “go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19). Missionary aviation is involved in this. Many people are surprised to learn that even in the twenty-first century, there are nearly 1800 languages that still lack any of the Bible. Bible translation transforms lives and communities as the Bible-less begin to hear, read, and study the Word of God in their heart language. Bible translation is foundational to evangelism, church planting, and other Christian ministries that “go and make disciples.”

David has been given a gift in aviation. As a young boy, he was fascinated with flying and has now been a pilot and aircraft mechanic for over 30 years. In 2016, David transitioned to use his experience to work with JAARS (a sister organization to SIL International and Wycliffe Bible Translators). He will assist in the management of aviation projects, inspection and repair of aircraft, and the development of safe standards for reliable operation. Aircraft are especially effective in transportation efficiency. What may have taken days or weeks by boat or hiking through jungles or mountainous terrain, can now be accomplished in minutes and hours.

David evaluated how he would invest the remaining working years of his life. There are only two things that will last in eternity. People and the Word of God. For David, he has decided to invest his time in fighting Bible poverty in the world so that people groups without Scripture can know of God’s redemptive plan for them. It is Wycliffe Bible Translators' goal, that by the year 2025, every language will at least have begun translation work into the Bible. This is a huge task, and David along with many others want to be a part of helping accomplish it.

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The Scotts

Duane and Hannah Scott are missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand, serving with Baptist Mid-Missions and sent from Family Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Scotts have been in Thailand since June 2006. Bangkok is a huge city filled with all kinds of interesting things and friendly people, but many know very little about God and the hope of salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since 2009, the Scotts have been working with BMM co-workers on the western side of Bangkok in an area known as Pinklao (pronounced "Pin klow"). Pinklao Baptist Church was organized in September 2014. The Scott’s regular ministries involve teaching English at the church, ministering at the local prison ministry to both men and women, and teaching in a small Bible school in the area.

Duane and Hannah were married in 2002, just after Duane graduated from Central Baptist Seminary in Minneapolis, and Hannah graduated from Northland Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin. The Scotts are blessed with four children: Elaine, David, Autumn, and Benjamin.

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The Spitzers

In 2013, Chris and Mary Spitzer began serving with Kingdom Air Corps, a missionary aviation organization based in Alaska, which has trained rural/bush pilots to serve in various countries throughout the world. Chris is an A&P mechanic and also works on various facility-maintenance projects. They recently bought a house in Sutton, AK, in order to better serve Sutton Bible Church and the community (one school, a library, a post office, a bar, and a general store/cafe). Chris serves as an elder and adult Sunday school teacher and also preaches periodically. He has been attending Alaska Bible College in Palmer and received an AA in Biblical Studies in May 2016. When he is not at KAC or school, he is involved with various outreach ministries, including a Bible Study at the local cafe. Mary is involved with music and children's ministries, and is homeschooling the three oldest of their four children. They are trusting God to use them in Sutton until He leads them elsewhere!

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The Duartes

We have bee serving as missionaries in Uruguay for the past 21 years. The Lord has given us the joy to be involved in two church plants, and for the last 7 years having a very active part in the developing and setting in motion of a Bible College to train the next generation of leaders. We have three children; Patricia, is our oldest studying at BJU and a member of Palmetto, Martin is 17 years old, and Melanie who is 11, they are still with us on the field.


Christian Discipleship International exists to provide biblical resources to believers as they pursue the fulfillment of the Great Commission. (Matt. 28:19-20)


  • To proclaim the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ

  • To provide effective discipleship materials to Christians around the world

  • To promote clear Bible teaching in as many languages as possible


  • We provide doctrinally sound personal discipleship resources ranging from new believer materials to pastoral training.

  • We provide a platform for pastors and missionaries to upload and share contextualized discipleship materials with others serving in the same or similar field of ministry.

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The Hunts

 Philip Hunt together with his wife Lori have served as missionaries in Africa since 1992. In 1993 Phil & Lori were part of a church planting team that planted Faith Baptist Church of Riverside in Kitwe, Zambia. This church has been used by God to plant a number other churches in the Kitwe area. In 2015 they partnered with a new team to start Kitwe Church where Phil now serves as the Pastor for Preaching & Vision ( Phil’s burden is to see the gospel advance into every village, town and city in Africa. His passion is to train the next generation of God-called leaders who will catch this same vision and advance a truly indigenous church planting movement across Africa. He has served as the President of Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary in Kitwe, Zambia ( since its inception in 2006. Philip & Lori were also involved in the founding of Faith Children’s Village Orphanage in 2003 and continues to serve on the Africa board of directors ( Phil also serves as the Africa Director for IBMGlobal, an international missionary sending agency based in the USA ( He and his wife Lori are the parents of seven children: Cherith, Austin, Collin, Ashlyn, Carman, Tamaryn and Corban.